about us

After pursuing a healthier lifestyle, I began to learn eating better meant eating better and this also applied to chocolate.  I was tired of wasting my occasional splurge on chocolate made with hydrogenated oils, waxes and artificial flavorings.  After my share of delicious research, I discovered there weren't many small-batch chocolate companies that made truffles using real ingredients, so I decided to create a chocolate company.  

Our relationship with our chocolates grew organically because we didn't have a huge loan from a bank to buy equipment and machinery. Everything is made by hand because that is how it had to be and I just fell in love with the process.  Speaking of the process, it's really cool.  In our commercial kitchen space, we line up all of our ingredients, put on some music and make the magic happen.

Everything is made with natural ingredients and in small batches with no frills or fuss but a whole lot of fun. When creating our ganache, we follow the traditional French method making our truffles decadent, rich and so freaking good! For the cherry on top of it all, everything we make has been named and inspired by a person, place or thing.


about our boxes

You can't have a chocolate named Canvas Chocolate without having some art in there, somewhere.  I would like to say that there is a major story behind our decision to design our boxes but truth of the matter is we wanted something that was going to reflect the creativity of our company, country and the world.  It's really fun, too!  Each box is handpainted according to our theme.  There are only a handful of boxes per theme and each is numbered.