our mission

we believe chocolate should be fun, taste good and enjoyed often


Hello.  We're Canvas Chocolate.


Our chocolate truffles are kind of a big deal.  Not only are they made by hand but they are made with all natural ingredients.  We know everyone says that but we really mean it.  Our signature ganache is made with couverture chocolate, heavy cream and real butter that we make in-house.  Each truffle has been inspired by a person, place or thing.  When it comes down to it, chocolate should taste good, be fun and enjoyed often.


ABOUT our boxes

We are so excited for the new year!  Our new packaging will be available in time for Valentine's Day.  It all began with major frustration on not being able to find the right type of box we wanted for our chocolate truffles.  We weren't looking for the traditional nor the extravagant.  Once we come up with the theme, image or idea, it is created and applied to the boxes.  With each box, you are getting a piece (literally) of art.